Powerful, Marvelous Woman. You Gotta Recognize.

The past week has been filled with inspiration and insight. As a result, these words spilled out of me and onto the page.

Powerful, Marvelous Woman. You Gotta Recognize.

Part One
You show up and people recognize
But you don’t
Eventually, they recognize that you don’t recognize
And they treat you like you treat you

Part Two
It’s a mirror
an opportunity to see
and to fix
“What’s wrong?”
but sometimes it’s easier
and certainly less painful
to blame

Part Three
If you stand in the mirror
long enough
You’ll eventually recognize
the Truth Is
You are a powerful, marvelous woman
and you were born
a Powerful, Marvelous girl

Have a fabulous week.

And if you recognize, galvanize 😉


Causing great wonder; extraordinary.
Extremely good or pleasing; splendid.

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