The Struggle by Urban Voodoo – Hip-Hop Healing

I just downloaded The Struggle by Urban Voodoo. It’s a song about the struggle of growing up in a chaotic, abusive environment and trying to break free.

There are many people who want to be a positive force in this world but find themselves bogged down by depression and anxiety that is directly related to living a life of trauma. It is important for us to support the adult children who want to uplift the youth of today if we ever hope to break these destructive cycles.

If you are From Sabotage to Success by Sheri Zampellibold enough to admit that abuse happens and that it leaves a lasting impact. If you are bold enough to support the children and not the adults who abuse them, spend 99 cents on this single. Go to:


If you’re looking for step-by-step instruction on how to overcome self-sabotage, buy the book From Sabotage to Success.

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Empowering Women and Girls through Roller Derby

In sales trainings and motivational presentations, we often hear about the importance of teamwork and how athletics help to shape leaders.

Movies like Coach Carter tell a story of how strong leadership can change the course of a young person’s life. But it seems that girls and women are rarely encouraged to participate in competitive sports.

In my opinion, the video below is a good demonstration of the lessons learned in roller derby. San Diego Derby Doll, Bonnie D. Stoir, breaks down the mechanics of a powerslide in clear, concise terms. She assumes the attitude that anyone who repeatedly practices the steps of a successful powerslide will eventually master it. This empowering message is a good demonstration of how we create our results based on our actions and how skills are acquired one step at a time. It also reinforces how our attitude determines our outcome.

Learning lessons of persistence, patience and dedication in a sporty, fun and physical way is abundantly more interesting to me than sitting on an exercise bike or zoning out to T.V. on a treadmill. Sometimes I respond better to physically assaultive forms of communication like punk rock and roller derby.

LA Derby Dolls Jr. Camp If you know a spunky, rambunctious, vivacious young girl who you want to help develop individuality and leadership skills, you might want to send her to Jr. Derby camp. This camp teaches teamwork and empowerment for girls 9-17 through the use of roller derby training and is hosted by the Los Angeles Derby Dolls. Camp is in session July 21-25th at the Doll Factory: 1910 W. Temple St. Los Angeles, CA 90026

For details about the Jr. Derby Camp, visit the Derby Dolls on the web at: