Get Absorbed into the Dub Vortex for a Groovin’ Day

DubStep music is growing in popularity and has it’s roots in Dub, Reggae and Jungle music. I used to love to hear this music playing between punk rock bands at Goldenvoice gigs in the ’80s. Was glad to find this podcast as a way to tap into this largely underground movement of great roots rock. Enjoy.

Positive Hip Hop Podcast Delivered on MP3 and in iTunes

Positive Hip-Hop PodcastThe Positive Hip Hop podcast is a series of shows that feature Hip-Hop with a message.

One of my favorites is Episode 6: “Social & Political Change”. This episode is jam-packed with socially aware hip hop with a great beat. Tracks include: KRS-One – “Illegal Business”, Head-Roc – “America!” and Ozomatli ft Common – “Embrace The Chaos”.

To get all 8 episodes of the Positive Hip-Hop Podcast, visit

Gottfried Schlaug: Music and the Brain Podcast

Making Music Changes Brains is one of several podcasts put out by the Library of Congress in a series titled “Music and the Brain”. The Library’s Music and the Brain events offer lectures, conversations and symposia about the explosion of new research at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and music. Project chair Kay Redfield Jamison convenes scientists and scholars, composers, performers, theorists, physicians, psychologists, and other experts at the Library for a compelling 2-year series, with generous support from the Dana Foundation.

In this episode, Dr. Gottfried Schlaug, Director of the Music, Neuroimaging and Stroke Recovery Laboratories, Beth Deaconess Israel Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, talks with host Steve Mencher about the notable differences between the brain of a musician and a non-musician.

You can listen and download the podcast at the Library of Congress page. . Or, you can get it on iTunes: Music and the Brain

Music and the Brain – Free Podcasts on iTunes

If you’re a music freak like me, you have found that rhythm and beats are more than just a form of entertainment.

Listening and dancing to music can be healing to the core. A series of podcasts by the Library of Congress explores the power of music and how it interacts with the brain.

Music and the Brain

Use sound and brainwave technology to reach guru-like meditative states, try Holosynch from Centerpointe Research.