Zandra Rhodes Style Advice: Personality and Jewelry Will Conquer Everything

Zandra Rhodes wears her pink wig everywhere and she never takes off her make-up. She believes “Personality and jewelry will conquer everything.” Her overall message is that age doesn’t have to steal your beauty or charm.

I would never attempt to walk in Zandra Rhodes’ shoes but I also don’t plan to be seen in public wearing mom jeans or XL t-shirts in an attempt to hide. The perfectionistic view of women that’s been created by media and contributed to a slew of diseases, inferiority complexes and plastic surgery payment plans is at least as wild…if not wilder than wearing a pink wig everyday or, (heaven forbid) going to bed with your make up on. Don’t you think?

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The Older You Get the More Adventurous and Fashionable You Can Become

See Molly Parkin, 80 on Life and Style on You Tube.

Molly Parkin was “going to kick the bucket” until a couple of her peers let her know that the years between 80 and 90 were “the most rewarding”. In this video she shares with you how she experiences joy, exuberance and resourcefulness all at once by embracing her unique version of style. Once you see how bold Molly Parkin is, you won’t be afraid to create your own style utilizing the items that inspire you the most.

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GAL-Vanize Your Wardrobe on a Budget

frontofflowerTo be Gal-Vanized means to be strong and beautiful, soft and powerful. One of the most natural and feminine ways to express power is with a flower. You can Gal-Vanize your wardrobe for just a few bucks and have fun doing it.

A simple silk flower with a hair clip or steel pin back glued to it will immediately add a sense of vibrancy to your look. Wearing vibrant colors and flowers will make you feel brighter. You will also notice that it makes a great conversation starter.

backofclipGather a few different types of silk flowers then get out your glue gun and add pin backs and hair clips. Instantly add any of these flowers to your lapel or hair and immediately transform your look.

Advanced Style: A Film in the Making for Women with Pizazz and a Call for Courage and Creativity

This week I came across a this video about women with grace and style who are advanced in age.

70, 80, 90, they refuse to live by the rules.

They are fun, funky, feminine and stylish and not afraid to flaunt it. They don’t hide their age or their creativity. They are an inspiration to women of all ages and a shining example of defining life on your own terms.

I agree with the women in this video, dressing creatively and with color is fun and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. In fact, these women inspire me to be more bold with my fashion decisions.

Do you think style and colorful, creative dressing has an age limit? What’s the boldest fashion statement you’ve ever made? What change would you like to make to your wardrobe to become more stylish?