Surrender, Sex and a Spring in Your Step

The Web-Empowered Warriors of Wisdom (AKA We-Wow) have put together a series of gifts for your mind and body over at Awaken Your

One of the gifts is from Yours Truly, a free report that will teach you the one word guaranteed to improve your sex life and 7 ways to put that word to use immediately.

You’ll also find gifts from Christopher Westra of, Chris Cade from the Course in and Thea Westra of

Please enjoy these gifts thoroughly and share them with friends.

Unique Wisdom Gifts from We-Wow: Create the Life You Want

It takes support to stay strong and focused. Part of my support comes from people like Christopher Westra, Chris Cade and the We-Wow group I’m glad to be a part of. We put together 5 gifts for you at Just in time for the holiday. Enjoy them all including a hypnosis session from yours truly. It will help you move from one phase of your life to another with grace and it seems to work wonders for creative types. I love to hear stories of the things people created after listening to this recording. Visit for your free session.

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