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  1. love that i found your blog right at the end of the Agape teleconference tonight! really dig Get Galvanized!
    juicy love Agape fam,

      1. Hey Sheri!!!!!!! I see we have both remained true to our respective callings! (I’ve been watching ya girl all these wonderful years :)! – wink)
        I Trust you are well. Exciting things are happening my way – love to share if interested.
        Take good care (as you do with others!) 🙂

  2. Hello Sheri,
    That was deep. I think Henry was student, teacher and Angel and H.P.
    worked through both of you to give us a glimpse of those Mastermind Principals you speak of.
    Rick Jones

    1. Yes, Henry was all 3 and I hope to keep the story alive and unfolding in a way we can both (all) feel good about. Ironically, Jillianne and I were in a Master Mind group together 22 years ago. That’s a part of the story I left out. Thanks for helping me make that connection.

  3. I have been trying so hard to change for the last 2 years. .. it was hard because I didn’t know where to start. The work needed to start from within. The new ideas and concepts I have learned from the spirit of motivational interviewing has helped me tremendously. Our listening and reflective group sessions has made a huge impact in my life. TONIGHT THE HEALING PROCESS BEGAN. THE CHANGE PLAN WORKSHEET WORKED. I CAN SEE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. THANK YOU.

  4. Hello, I Just signed in to Your Blog, when I did get to my free gifts, you wrote that if I did write galvanizeyourmind.com or clicked on…here… I would get a free CD
    But both of it didn’t work. It said that I was not allowd to go there.
    So can You please send me a link for the free CD, as promised??
    I did feel so good listening to Music and words, getting when listening to them, it made me feel free.
    Love & Light, Namasté Angelina

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