Feast Your Eyes and Ears on 5 Minute Gems and Get a New Lease on Life

5minutegems.comThere’s a lot going on these days that can steal your attention and rob your energy. So it’s more important than ever to feed your mind, body and soul with hope and words of wisdom.

Since there is a lot do to, sometimes it seems like there’s not enough time to sit still, reflect and rejuvenate. That’s why We-WOW put together a page called 5minutegems.com.

Visit this site today and you’ll get a selection of 5 different gifts, all free and all designed to help you keep a positive, hopeful and joy-filled perspective on life.

One of the gifts is a five minute audio created by Yours Truly (DJ Galvanized). It’s a mix of a trip-hop song titled “Inner Child at Play” by The Flavor Foundation and audio snippets from Christopher Westra’s Holograpic Creation. I like to think of it as a meditation with a beat, especially for people on the go. It will help you to remember the Power of Now. ¬†You can listen to it or download it here.

This track will mesmerize your mind and help you really “get it” that staying stuck in the past or projecting into the future will rob you of life. Come check it out and also be sure to get all the other gifts at 5minutegems.com.

DJ GAL-VanIZed We Are I.E. Remix ft. Ahman


They say multi-tasking kills creativity but in this case, listening to two types of audio generated an idea for jungle beats mixed with a Sunday sermon. This Lenny De Ice track, (We are I.E.) is mixed with sound snippets from a rousing sermon by Ahman titled Mental Fast. It will give you permission to question religious practices that manipulate and limit the mind of a spiritual seeker.

Between Music & Medicine: Robert Gupta TED Talk

Join Robert Gupta as he discusses the power of music to heal various mental conditions including Alzheimer’s and PTSD. When considering his career choices, he wasn’t sure if he should become an M.D. or a musician. Ultimately it was his work the mentally ill that helped him realize that music is medicine.

Robert Gupta played music with Nathaniel Ayers on Skid Row. You may remember the story as told through the movie The Soloist starring Jamie Foxx. What came out of this experience was the founding of an organization called Street Symphony that helps other homeless people on Skid Row to find healing and sanity through playing and listening to music.

Get Absorbed into the Dub Vortex for a Groovin’ Day

DubStep music is growing in popularity and has it’s roots in Dub, Reggae and Jungle music. I used to love to hear this music playing between punk rock bands at Goldenvoice gigs in the ’80s. Was glad to find this podcast as a way to tap into this largely underground movement of great roots rock. Enjoy.


Jimi Hendrix, Hippies, Love and Creating Lasting Change on The Sheri and Erin Show

This episode of The Sheri and Erin Show was one day after we watched 2 documentaries on the Bio channel, one about Jimi Hendrix and one about hippies. We discussed how music impacts people and how everything is intertwined.

We are all connected and when one of us is bold enough embrace authenticity and creativity, to break free from “right/wrong” reality, it can impact many people for decades to come.

We discussed the power of love and the value of accepting people for who they are as well as the damage of judging and categorizing groups of people like “hippies”.

The hippie movement left a lasting impact on society at large, even on those who were not hippies. Hippies created a cultural shift in California that can be felt to this day.

We discussed the difference between Truth and illusions. One way we keep illusions alive is by being afraid, feeling guilty and clinging to something we heard or experienced a long time ago. We keep illusions and pain alive by bringing old memories into present day reality.

The idea that you did something “wrong” is what keeps you in bondage. The moment you forgive yourself is the moment you are free. You can choose to be “In Joy” and enjoy your life or you can stay in bondage to the past, it’s all a matter of perception.

Sometimes you have to acknowledge your pain and take steps to heal it. Not all pain and wounds can be washed over by thinking positive. Ultimately we are the only ones who can heal ourselves. Experience is the best teacher. Acceptance is the key to freedom.

If you can’t see the player below, click here to listen to this episode.

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To be galvanized is to be free from fear, strengthened by Life, bold enough to be whole and to have fun doing It.

Music Videos in Honor of African-American History Month

Here is an outstanding selection of Soul Train clips with Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay by Big Sean Ft. Kanye West & Rosco playing in the background. It’s titled Black History Mix: ‘Marvin’s Room of Chardonnay Train’. Cool how the dancing works with funk, soul, rap and R&B. Soul Train style captivated me at the age of 7 and the influence on my life is notable.

In fact, here’s an audio/video mix from DJ Gal VanIZed 2012. It’s a montage that symbolizes the many contributions black culture has made to my personal life. Enjoy this blend of sounds, words and images that represent creativity, authenticity and power.


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