Roller Derby Flashback to 2008 – Tough Cookies vs. Sirens

If you’ve been to a roller derby bout at the Doll Factory, you know that it’s an unforgettable experience and photos are a great way to remember.

On February 16, 2008 the Tough Cookies faced off against the Sirens. Drew Barrymore was there, making plans for her movie Whip It. Mike Zampelli (AKA Rinkrat) was there to document the action. See a slideshow from the game including photos of Kelly Ka Boom, Kung Pao Tina, Gori Spelling, Iron Maiven, Mila Minute, Axels of Evil and more above or on Flickr.

Once you see these photos, you’ll undoubtedly be compelled to attend a roller derby bout as soon as possible. Get tickets on line at

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Baby Doll Brawl 2008 Roller Derby Flashback

Rinkrat was there to capture the action of the 2008 Baby Doll Brawl. This photo gallery is just in time for Halloween. Enjoy and share with friends. Check out the selection of roller derby flashback photos on our Pinterest page.

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Fight Crew vs. Varsity Brawlers 2008 Roller Derby Flashback

This day in Roller Derby history, eight years ago the Fight Crew faced the Varsity Brawlers at the Doll Factory in Los Angeles. Check out the roller derby action in this photo gallery by Rinkrat.

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To see the action live, visit and get your tickets for the upcoming bout.

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Battle on the Bank 2008 – Roller Derby Flashback Rinkrat Photos

Mila looks for room to pass

Relive the excitement of the 2008 Battle on the Bank at the Los Angeles Doll Factory. Check out what some of your favorite players looked like 5 years ago. Spread the word about Roller Derby. We’ll be posting photos all day on Pinterest. Follow our Roller Derby board.

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Roller Derby Flashback to 2008 – Fight Crew vs Sirens

Take a stroll down memory lane to March 15, 2008 and flashback to the night when the Fight Crew faced off against the Sirens. Racy DC was a Fight Crew member for a short time then later appeared in Whip It. Steph Con 1 was still in Fresh Meat, Long Island Lolita was a Siren as was Cannon Doll X. Fighty Almighty looked and played the part of an Almighty member of Fight Crew.

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Get Ready for Roller Con – Expo Bout in El Sereno Saturday

Saturday, July 18 The All Star Ri-ettes will assemble to take on Minnesota RollerGirls’ All Stars at the Dollosseum! This will be the Ri-ettes first game after winning Battle on the Bank in Seattle last month, and the first time the Minnesota RollerGirls visit us at our new location.

The Ri-ettes are comprised of top-level skaters from each LA Derby Dolls home team, and are considered the best banked track roller derby team in the nation. This bout will be a treat for fans of all levels.