Zandra Rhodes Style Advice: Personality and Jewelry Will Conquer Everything

Zandra Rhodes wears her pink wig everywhere and she never takes off her make-up. She believes “Personality and jewelry will conquer everything.” Her overall message is that age doesn’t have to steal your beauty or charm.

I would never attempt to walk in Zandra Rhodes’ shoes but I also don’t plan to be seen in public wearing mom jeans or XL t-shirts in an attempt to hide. The perfectionistic view of women that’s been created by media and contributed to a slew of diseases, inferiority complexes and plastic surgery payment plans is at least as wild…if not wilder than wearing a pink wig everyday or, (heaven forbid) going to bed with your make up on. Don’t you think?

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Conversation about Creativity with Ari Seth Cohen

Sometimes fear stands in the way of creativity. What would happen if you let the fear go? This video conversation about creativity might help you understand and overcome your fears and even give you some ideas for your next creative project.

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Style Around the World – Ari Seth Cohen and His Supermodels of Style

Ari Seth Cohen knows how the capture the style he sees on the street. His work showcases stylish women who are 60+ and gives us a glimpse of glamour we don’t see in U.S. magazines. Thanks to Cohen’s work, Jean and Valerie made it to the cover of an Austrian fashion magazine titled Rondo. In this video they show off their style and grace with a smile on their face.

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Aging stylishly at any age with Advanced Style

What began as a blog documenting the street style of women aged 50 and older has become a best-selling book and now a documentary of the same name, Advanced Style. By sharing photographs and stories of these vibrant older women, Ari Cohen hopes to change perspectives on aging and style.

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Summer Soiree in New York Captures Advanced Style

Spending time with creative, stylish people is what makes life worth living. And, when you can’t experience it yourself, it’s always nice to see others who can. It’s inspiring and it’s contagious.

Here is a glimpse into a Summer Soiree to honor Ari Seth Cohen, a man who sees the beauty in style and who captures images of beautiful women you’ll rarely see in magazines. Of course every single attendee of Ari Seth Cohen’s party has his or her own sense of style. However, one thing they all have in commmon: refreshing to watch.

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