Advanced Style Philosophies

Style and philosophy from five fabulous women who aren’t afraid to get better with age.
When you get older you get better.
Fashion is forever.
Flaunt your flavor.

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken” – Oscar Wilde

Get galvanized and dare to be who your truly are. The world is waiting.

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Powerful, Marvelous Woman. You Gotta Recognize.

The past week has been filled with inspiration and insight. As a result, these words spilled out of me and onto the page.

Powerful, Marvelous Woman. You Gotta Recognize.

Part One
You show up and people recognize
But you don’t
Eventually, they recognize that you don’t recognize
And they treat you like you treat you

Part Two
It’s a mirror
an opportunity to see
and to fix
“What’s wrong?”
but sometimes it’s easier
and certainly less painful
to blame

Part Three
If you stand in the mirror
long enough
You’ll eventually recognize
the Truth Is
You are a powerful, marvelous woman
and you were born
a Powerful, Marvelous girl

Have a fabulous week.

And if you recognize, galvanize 😉


Causing great wonder; extraordinary.
Extremely good or pleasing; splendid.

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Thrifting in Style with Debra

Thrifting is a way to reuse, reduce and recycle with style. Not only that, you get ideas on how to repurpose clothes you already own. Wear something backwards or combine items that no one else does and suddenly, you are a designer. Save a few bucks, support your local charities and let your creativity soar. Most importantly, have fun. I mean really, shouldn’t style and fashion be fun?

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Zandra Rhodes Style Advice: Personality and Jewelry Will Conquer Everything

Zandra Rhodes wears her pink wig everywhere and she never takes off her make-up. She believes “Personality and jewelry will conquer everything.” Her overall message is that age doesn’t have to steal your beauty or charm.

I would never attempt to walk in Zandra Rhodes’ shoes but I also don’t plan to be seen in public wearing mom jeans or XL t-shirts in an attempt to hide. The perfectionistic view of women that’s been created by media and contributed to a slew of diseases, inferiority complexes and plastic surgery payment plans is at least as wild…if not wilder than wearing a pink wig everyday or, (heaven forbid) going to bed with your make up on. Don’t you think?

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The Older You Get the More Adventurous and Fashionable You Can Become

See Molly Parkin, 80 on Life and Style on You Tube.

Molly Parkin was “going to kick the bucket” until a couple of her peers let her know that the years between 80 and 90 were “the most rewarding”. In this video she shares with you how she experiences joy, exuberance and resourcefulness all at once by embracing her unique version of style. Once you see how bold Molly Parkin is, you won’t be afraid to create your own style utilizing the items that inspire you the most.

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“Dressing is an Art” – Advanced Style with Tziporah Salamon

“You have to get dressed every day. So might as well get dressed well. It’s like eating.” That’s Tziporah Salamon’s motto. She is an artist who teaches women how to dress.

“Dressing is my work,” says Salamon and it seems she has a practice as a healing artist.

Salamon views her outfits as if they were paintings. She starts with an inspiration piece then builds around it. She doesn’t wear the outfit until she’s built the entire thing, which can sometimes take years.

When you dress as an art, you get to look down at art. Yet another way to create your own reality and live your own vision.

Tips from Salamon include:

  1. Dress in layers with style
  2. Design your look with vintage, no-label fashions
  3. Pay attention to detail
  4. Let perfectionism work for you

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Feminine Wiles: How to Use Them with Power and Wisdom

Feminine Wiles and Gypsy Rose Lee

In an era where pornography is available instantly, 24 hours a day and half-naked skinny women appear on ads for everything from tires to intimate apparel, many women seem to have lost sight of their true power. It’s not bare skin or being exposed that is powerful, it’s using feminine wiles wisely.

Take for example Gypsy Rose Lee, the stripper who doesn’t strip. She created her own act and decided to do it her own way despite what others were doing or what they wanted her to do.

Sometimes it’s good to exercise patience, confidence and restraint when communicating with men, that’s just one of 6 tips outlined in an article on How to Use Your Feminine Wiles.

Using your feminine wiles is not about being catty, cunning or manipulative, it’s about knowing that you have power and that you are desirable. It’s also about being confident enough to nurture your femininity rather than allowing others to dictate who you are or doing something you’re not comfortable with just to please others.

Don’t think feminine wiles and sexy are the same thing. Remember how powerful a grandma or mom can be even when she is in her housecoat and curlers.

Some women try to gain power and respect by acting like and dressing like a man. Being a real woman should never look like being a man! Embracing your feminine wiles is about knowing you are valuable and valuing yourself as much as others value you and learning to set boundaries. Now that’s what I call GAL-VanIZed.

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