Galvanized 2018: Fulfill Your Purpose

Sometimes you have have your back up against the wall and then you get galvanized to change.

For many years I taught classes and workshops that empowered people to reach their potential and break out of fear. I enjoyed being in an environment of transformation but at the same time I was afraid of speaking and being seen. It sounds completely insane, I know but it’s true.

My personal story, which I shared many times in small, intimate, groups is riddled with pain. It includes details of family violence, trauma, addiction and mental illness. Despite all the setbacks, I was always able to find a way to move past obstacles. Sometimes I did it because I wanted to help my family. Other times I did it because I was afraid to live a life of poverty or behind bars. But the fact that I did it was always inspiring to other people. They would often ask, “how did you do it?” and want my advice. This made me uncomfortable because I didn’t think I was one who should be giving people advice.

Here I am in 2018 and I realize I missed the opportunity to help a lot of people because of my own fear. I was too busy listening to my ego and trying to placate people who didn’t want me to talk about touchy subjects like domestic violence, mental illness and sexual abuse. I gave up. But now I’m ready to be galvanized and pick up where I left off. I hope I’m not too late.

I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable with nitty gritty details of abuse, trauma and sadness. Instead, I want to share how it’s possible to pull yourself out of the patterns of dysfunction that many families face. It’s easier than you can imagine. Painful at times, but possible.

Support Group + Higher Power = Galvanized for Success

What I learned first was to attend 12-step meetings but after 10 years I wanted something more. The 12-steps are great for many people. I found what really works is being with a supportive group of people and believing in a Higher Power. A supportive group as small as 3 people who believe in a Higher Power can accomplish a lot of things. There’s more to it than just staying clean and sober.

I used to be afraid to say that. Afraid the avid 12-steppers might persecute me for daring to think outside the 12-step box. I’m not afraid of that anymore. In fact, I’m on a public mission to find people who want more than just a recovery chip or a cake at a meeting. I want to connect with people who are ready to expand and do the work they’ve been put on this earth to do. If that’s you, I hope we meet each other in 2018. I want to share with you a little something I call Galvanized Goal Groups. I think you’ll love it.

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