This blog is a love project of Sheri Zampelli who, on mission to break free from people-pleasing and self-imposed limitation, spent two years skating the banked track with the L.A. Derby Dolls fresh meat (2007-2009).

During that time, she developed the character “GAL-VanIZed”, a woman who is stronger because of her journey. Zampelli’s goal is to galvanize her own life and help her audience to overcome fear, be strengthened by life and be bold enough to embrace life to the fullest, regardless of the past.

Sheri Zampelli has been providing workshops, classes and coaching to clients and students since 1992. In 2003 she became an instructor at Long Beach City College. Her experience with the public includes everything from providing in-home therapy for at-risk foster youth to hypnotizing housewives and divas in Orange County. She has learned that many people are held back from accomplishment and happiness because of fear and people-pleasing regardless of their stature in life.

On a personal level, Zampelli experienced living the first 21 years of her life immersed in a lifestyle that included child abuse, domestic violence, addiction, mental illness and homelessness. After experiencing a number of tragedies, dramas and failures in life, Zampelli began to seek an explanation of the root and the cure for self-sabotage.

The end result is that she obtained a broad education in the school of hard knocks, studied a slew of books and earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her master’s degree in counseling from California State University, Long Beach.


Zampelli’s personal and educational experience lead her to author two books: From Sabotage to Success and Donate Your Weight.

Sheri Zampelli is the past president of Agape Toastmasters (2011) and was honored as Toastmaster of the Year in 2009. She has appeared on national television and has been featured in magazine publications such as Woman’s Day and Mademoiselle.

Zampelli lives with her husband in Southern California. In her spare time, She enjoys designing bottle cap accessories and one-of-a-kind, custom-made fashion designs.  She also  mixes music with words and plays live DJ gigs.


Sheri O. Zampelli, M.S., CCH is an educator with over 20 years experience working with groups, helping them build confidence. She has been an instructor at Long Beach City College since 2003.

Zampelli is an author of two books From Sabotage to Success and Donate Your Weight. She publishes a blog at iamgalvanized.com and produces recordings designed to abolish fear and ignite potential including music mixes under the name DJ GAL-VanIZed.

*Please feel free to use this bio when referencing Sheri Zampelli’s work.