Feast Your Eyes and Ears on 5 Minute Gems and Get a New Lease on Life

5minutegems.comThere’s a lot going on these days that can steal your attention and rob your energy. So it’s more important than ever to feed your mind, body and soul with hope and words of wisdom.

Since there is a lot do to, sometimes it seems like there’s not enough time to sit still, reflect and rejuvenate. That’s why We-WOW put together a page called 5minutegems.com.

Visit this site today and you’ll get a selection of 5 different gifts, all free and all designed to help you keep a positive, hopeful and joy-filled perspective on life.

One of the gifts is a five minute audio created by Yours Truly (DJ Galvanized). It’s a mix of a trip-hop song titled “Inner Child at Play” by The Flavor Foundation and audio snippets from Christopher Westra’s Holograpic Creation. I like to think of it as a meditation with a beat, especially for people on the go. It will help you to remember the Power of Now. ¬†You can listen to it or download it here.

This track will mesmerize your mind and help you really “get it” that staying stuck in the past or projecting into the future will rob you of life. Come check it out and also be sure to get all the other gifts at 5minutegems.com.

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Sheri Zampelli

Music and words to GALvanize Body and Mind.

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