Creativity Opens the Mind and Stretches the Dollar

Creative people evoke creativity and that’s what makes life interesting and hopeful. It’s always nice to get out and enjoy some live music up-close and personal and to shop in an independent record store, like Fingerprints of Long Beach.

Hanging out with creative people is like shopping a catalog of ecclecticism. Los Angeles is ripe with opportunities to gather style and fashion ideas from around the world and from every subculture of the city. Some of the coolest trendsetters made their own clothes or repurposed them and many times the fashion trends begin in the inner city or downtown.

I’ll never forget the crazy times we had at the Goodwill on 19th Street in Costa Mesa. Punk Rock was full swing and we had a blast designing our own outfit for the evening. The best thing about shopping 2nd hand and creating your own clothes is that you will wear the ultimate designer piece, 1/1, completely unique.

As a teen in the 1980’s I loved the punk rock movement with it’s DIY fashion sense.  Back then  I would go to the thrift store and try to find ways to create the “look” I desired. Sometimes this meant tearing one item of clothing apart, cutting holes in it, gluing or sewing something to it or wearing it in some unexpected way. I forgot how much fun this was.

Got this Coach bag at a thrift store for $20 then added some rhinestones to make it Gal VanizedBack then, I used to go to South Coast Plaza or peruse Vogue Magazines so I could see what top designers were up to and get ideas for clothing items.

Lately, in a desire to save money and save the planet, I’ve returned to my DIY roots and begun to create my own style using repurposed clothing. Here’s an example of how you can stretch your dollar and still have style. Can you believe I got three tops, three belts, a bracelet, shoes and a Coach purse for under $50? Not only that, I supported sustainability of our planet.

With $50 and a creative spirit I was able to get my Summer wardrobe lined up. Girls have it good, we just need to remember and frankly, I’m going to remember it all day, everyday…at least in part thanks to the clothes I get to wear.


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