Feminine Wiles: How to Use Them with Power and Wisdom

Feminine Wiles and Gypsy Rose Lee

In an era where pornography is available instantly, 24 hours a day and half-naked skinny women appear on ads for everything from tires to intimate apparel, many women seem to have lost sight of their true power. It’s not bare skin or being exposed that is powerful, it’s using feminine wiles wisely.

Take for example Gypsy Rose Lee, the stripper who doesn’t strip. She created her own act and decided to do it her own way despite what others were doing or what they wanted her to do.

Sometimes it’s good to exercise patience, confidence and restraint when communicating with men, that’s just one of 6 tips outlined in an article on ehow.com How to Use Your Feminine Wiles.

Using your feminine wiles is not about being catty, cunning or manipulative, it’s about knowing that you have power and that you are desirable. It’s also about being confident enough to nurture your femininity rather than allowing others to dictate who you are or doing something you’re not comfortable with just to please others.

Don’t think feminine wiles and sexy are the same thing. Remember how powerful a grandma or mom can be even when she is in her housecoat and curlers.

Some women try to gain power and respect by acting like and dressing like a man. Being a real woman should never look like being a man! Embracing your feminine wiles is about knowing you are valuable and valuing yourself as much as others value you and learning to set boundaries. Now that’s what I call GAL-VanIZed.

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7 thoughts on “Feminine Wiles: How to Use Them with Power and Wisdom”

  1. This Gypsy Rose is an interesting woman. I listened to her more than I watched her no strip act. I saw something more intelligent in her than thinking about what was underneath. I would like to think most people see it the same way rather than what is a women looks like and what’s under her clothes? 🙂

  2. I love how she uses her platform to show that she is more than just a beautiful woman but at the same time, she’s not angry at anyone who sees her beauty. It seems like a lot of women try to be one or the other but not embrace both: beauty + brains=irresistible!

  3. In a world where so many men are lured by the trashy female “look” “attitude” it is no wonder they would expect that from most women. I believe this is visa versa in the same regards when a woman is looking for the same trashy bad boy man.

    I plainly see our society lacking in self respect, for when self respect is missing there will be no respect from others. Maybe a good look into who and what we want from ourselves will help put things in a better prospective for how others will treat us and a total societal change can then come about, slowly, but I have faith can surely happen. 🙂

  4. I have a real hard time with this, but I admit freely that I have a hard time with strippers and girlie mags in general. Sure, she shows ABSOLUTELY nothing, but she’s still nothing but a piece of meat to the audience. Yes, it was a frothy old movie, but even then it was obvious the men had no interest in what she was saying, they were laughing politely because they wanted to see her take her clothes off. If she had been ugly, or there wasn’t any previous hint of clothes being removed, they wouldn’t have paid a lick of attention to her.

    This is probably one of my most difficult “issues,” one I’ve been struggling with for almost 50 years. I don’t know why I react so strongly to the idea of strippers and/or centerfolds, because it’s pretty obvious that a large portion of the rest of the world is okay with men drooling over naked women. I’m not a prude, and I don’t care about nudity (I lived in a nudist resort and have been naked in front of more people than I could ever count). But it makes my blood boil to see women taking their clothes off just to entertain men.

    I wish I could figure out why I react that way, so I could let it go. It’s a waste of time, because it only hurts me. Maybe someday I’ll have that “Aha!” moment when I finally learn to just live and let live on this topic.

    1. Hi Lisa, Love your comments. It inspires me to do more blogging on this topic and my ah ha moments to share. The main one was…and you can appreciate this because you’re into Law of Attraction….I don’t want to spend my life being angry.

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