“Dressing is an Art” – Advanced Style with Tziporah Salamon

“You have to get dressed every day. So might as well get dressed well. It’s like eating.” That’s Tziporah Salamon’s motto. She is an artist who teaches women how to dress.

“Dressing is my work,” says Salamon and it seems she has a practice as a healing artist.

Salamon views her outfits as if they were paintings. She starts with an inspiration piece then builds around it. She doesn’t wear the outfit until she’s built the entire thing, which can sometimes take years.

When you dress as an art, you get to look down at art. Yet another way to create your own reality and live your own vision.

Tips from Salamon include:

  1. Dress in layers with style
  2. Design your look with vintage, no-label fashions
  3. Pay attention to detail
  4. Let perfectionism work for you

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