Leave Your Ego at the Door

Leave your ego at the opening of every door that you walk through, and you will create a wonderful opportunity to connect with the world!

How bold can you be when you leave the little you at the door and dare to walk in with all your authentic power?

Quotes above are taken from the book The Ever-Loving Essence of You by Jamie Lerner. Editorial responses by DJ GAL-VanIZed.

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Galvanized Word of the Week: Awaken


The dictionary definition of Awaken is: 1. to stop sleeping 2. to wake up. Some synonyms are: wake up, waken, rouse, arouse, come alive. If you were to bring this definition to life, what would be different? Have you ever gone from being asleep (living unconscious) to being awake/aware? How did you do it and what happened?

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